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  • Xinjiang Guanglu Energy Technology Co

    Founded in 2001, Xinjiang Guanglu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R & D and manufacturing of logging equipment, instrumentation of integrated logging instrument and oil drilling, and development of industrial automation and control system hardware and software. The registered capital of the company is RMB 51 million. It has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14000, OSH18000, HSE and "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard" successively. It has been recognized as a national superior enterprise in intellectual property rights and an outstanding enterprise in the tenth anniversary of the founding of the National Innovation Fund. Joint development demonstration base, Karamay City, a number of local backbone enterprises and other titles. July 2015, the company's shares listed on the new board, the stock name: Guang Lu Technology, stock code: 832891.

  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate

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  • Karamay Canton Property Services Limited

    Kelamayi Guang Lu Property Services Co., Ltd. is a former Xinjiang Petroleum Administration restructuring of enterprises, the company registered capital of 13 million yuan, is set landscaping construction, forest management, residential, commercial, residential property services, labor dispatch and breeding as one Comprehensive service enterprise. The company has successively passed the ISO9000, HSE, OHS18000 and ISO14000 certification. The company has obtained the Grade B qualification of Grade Two in landscaping and the Grade B qualification of property management. It has been continuously awarded the title of "Autonomous Region Reemployment Base" for many years and has won the titles of " "," Advanced Enterprise for Employment in Autonomous Regions ", honorary title of" A-level "honest and trustworthy district-level enterprise and advanced unit of safety production in Karamay City.

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