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Founded in 2001, Xinjiang Guanglu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R & D and manufacturing of logging equipment, instrumentation of integrated logging instrument and oil drilling, and development of industrial automation and control system hardware and software. The registered capital of the company is RMB 51 million. It has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14000, OSH18000, HSE and "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard" successively. It has been recognized as a national superior enterprise in intellectual property rights and an outstanding enterprise in the tenth anniversary of the founding of the National Innovation Fund. Joint development demonstration base, Karamay City, a number of local backbone enterprises and other titles. July 2015, the company's shares listed on the new board, the stock name: Guang Lu Technology, stock code: 832891.
The company has a total of 15 comprehensive logging team, gas logging team 5, equipped with GL-3000 integrated logging equipment, geochemical logging analysis laboratory and CDMA, GPRS, satellite transmission and other field data real-time remote transmission and application Release system, formed a complete data collection, processing, interpretation and evaluation system, able to complete drilling while oil and gas show tracking analysis, anomaly analysis, analysis of raw oil rock, well logging data comprehensive evaluation work, can take various types of regional parameter well, Pre-exploration wells, oil zone evaluation wells, horizontal wells, underbalanced wells and other special well-type gas logging and integrated logging technology services.
The company has a total of 2 professional logging operation teams, equipped with 2 cable logging vehicles and 2 instrument vehicles, which can provide multi-stage sub-perforation equipment, open hole, production well, perforating and special project logging services. Completion of well logging, gas wells, coalbed methane wells, shale gas wells logging operations and data processing interpretation.
The company has always insisted on scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development of the GLFP-II crane Crane anti-collision device, GLZY-I drilling level monitor, GLSY series of automatic pressure test, GLSP-3-GC, GL- Comprehensive logging instrument and other oil for the instrument and equipment, a total of 48 patent applications, the authorized 24 valid patents, registration of software copyright 11, the registered trademark of 4, commitment to scientific research projects "mud gas chromatography technology development and application of" project was Autonomous region science and technology progress prize two.

"Germany as the first, letter-based, wide open ideas, Lu Da Jiuzhou" for the broad-based people's entrepreneurial spirit, we will be first-class products, first-class technology and first-class service for users to create value and achieve win-win situation of mutual benefit, For the oil industry to make greater contribution to the development.