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Kelamayi Guang Lu Property Services Co., Ltd. is a former Xinjiang Petroleum Administration restructuring of enterprises, the company registered capital of 13 million yuan, is set landscaping construction, forest management, residential, commercial, residential property services, labor dispatch and breeding as one Comprehensive service enterprise. The company has successively passed the ISO9000, HSE, OHS18000 and ISO14000 certification. The company has obtained the Grade B qualification of Grade Two in landscaping and the Grade B qualification of property management. It has been continuously awarded the title of "Autonomous Region Reemployment Base" for many years and has won the honorary titles of "Model Enterprises with Harmonious Industrial Relations "," Advanced Enterprise for Employment in Autonomous Regions ", honorary title of" A-level "honest and trustworthy district-level enterprise and advanced unit of safety production in Karamay City.

The company currently employs more than 3100 people, with gardens, buildings, property, human resources management and other professional and technical personnel 189 people, all kinds of construction equipment and equipment 190 sets / set, invest more than 5200 mu of nurseries, nurturing suitable for the local resistance Salt and alkali, drought resistance, more varieties of Joe, shrubs more than 500,000 strains, over the years, the company contract municipal, oil company green conservation projects, property services and other projects won the praise of Party A and owners.

While actively working to open up the market, the Company took the initiative to shoulder its social responsibilities. While rehabilitating more than 1,700 unemployed persons from state-owned enterprises, the Company continuously recruited 314 prisoners for release and 266 difficult-to-work children (89% ), 2016 was included in Karamay District, "employment assistance base for people in difficulty," the company is also an important force in Kelamayi stability.

    The company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, honest service, knowledge and practice of unity," a principle of service, improve employee income and benefits at the same time, strive to create a stable space for staff development, to create a stable, civilized and elegant Karamay to make its own Contributions.